18/04/2016 09:00 - 19/04/2016 16:00

ReMaT - Research Management Training for Early-Stage-Researchers

ReMaT is an intensive, interactive workshop, providing an introduction to a number of key topics relating to research management including project management, grant acquisition, and science and technology related entrepreneurship.
ReMaT is especially tailored to meet the needs of early-stage researchers especially from the 2nd year of PhD studies onwards, but is also suitable for others involved in research, or in directing research. ReMaT delivers hands-on practical training in an intensive, yet effective workshop form over two days. There is a strong emphasis on European networking in the way the workshop is delivered: we encourage participation from many different countries and disciplines.

The workshop is provided by the Dep. International Cooperation & EU Office at TuTech Innovation GmbH on behalf of Brussels Office of the Helmholtz Association. The mission of the Brussels Office of the Helmholtz Association is to help increase the participation of Helmholtz Research Centres in European research projects. TuTech is a technology transfer service company which has for over a decade provided support for researchers at Hamburg University of Technology in preparing proposals and practical project management for EC supported research projects, in many cases involving intensive partnerships with industry



  • Fee 595,00 EUR incl. VAT


Dr. Margarete Remmert-Rieper

TuTech Innovation GmbH


Helmholtz Association

Rue du Trône 98

1050 Brussels