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Grant Acquisition – How to Produce a Winning Proposal

This workshop gives a practical view of how to develop proposals using the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 as a model, but the skills acquired are transferable to other programmes supporting research.

The workshop is conceived for researchers wishing to learn about the principles of developing multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

Target group:                             Workshop is offered both for experienced researchers, and in a form for PhDs/early stage post docs

Duration:                                   1 day

Language:                                 English


Workshops offered by Department of International Cooperation & EU Office TuTech Innovation GmbH

To meet the growing demand for complementary skills training, the Department International Cooperation & EU Office at TuTech Innovation GmbH offers a range of workshops on topics relating to research and innovation management. These workshops are derived from our own practical experience as research managers and technology transfer professionals. TuTech has been a pioneer in offering services to assist researchers in establishing and managing international collaborative research projects. We have considerable experience in coaching researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines and experience. We have in recent years particularly focussed on the needs of PhD candidates and early–stage researchers.

Open workshops are offered on TuTech’s premises and at other locations as open, on in-house workshops on request. We are committed to providing not only training, but also a useful networking opportunity. Our aim is that each workshop should attract participants from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Below is an overview on workshops offered on a regular basis. Dates and venues are published on our web page We also give in-house seminars and specially tailored training at the request of clients.

We are happy to provide tailor-made workshops subject to time available.

Workshop outlines

The following provides a short description of standard workshops in our portfolio. Example programmes are available on request, as are proposals for variations.

For further information please send your enquiry to


Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) – postdoctoral fellowships

The HFSP supports novel, innovative and interdisciplinary basic research focused on the complex mechanisms of living organisms; topics range from molecular and cellular approaches to systems and cognitive neuroscience. A clear emphasis is placed on novel collaborations that bring biologists together with scientists from fields such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and engineering to focus on problems at the frontier of the life sciences. HFSP funding programs are strictly project-related and begin at the postdoctoral level. Postdoctoral Fellowships are available for scientists who wish to work in foreign laboratories, with emphasis on individuals early in their careers who wish to obtain training in a different field of research. Fellows who return to their home countries are eligible to apply for a Career Development Award.

EMBO Long-Term Fellowships

The EMBO Long-Term Fellowships are awarded for a period of up to two years and support post-doctoral research visits to laboratories throughout Europe and the world. International exchange is a key feature in the application process. All fellowships must involve movement between countries and one of those countries must be an EMBC Member State. Only candidates who have had a career break for at least one year for child-care reasons will be given special consideration when applying to stay within the same country.