ReMaT is the product of careful assessment of the needs of early stage researchers in complementary skills training made with input from focus groups and individuals. It was developed with funding as a Specific Support Action under Framework 6 Life Sciences. During the project five pilot workshops were given and the feedback carefully assessed. The acclaim given then led to the initiative to continue to offer ReMaT as a package on a cost covering basis.

The five initial pilot workshops were hosted by

  • Rudger Bošković Institute
    Zagreb, Croatia  – 5th / 6th November 2007
  • Université Sabatier Faculty of Medicine
    Toulouse, France – 5th / 6th February 2008
  • Central European University
    Budapest, Hungary – 14th / 15th April 2008
  • Karolinska Institute
    Stockholm Sweden – 9th / 10th June 2008
  • TuTech Innovation
    Hamburg Germany –  2nd/ 3rd December 2008

Since then ReMaT has been given many more times. Demand is very high. It has also fostered a demand for courses covering each module topic in more detail which are also offered.