Final Conference 2009

ReMaT was originally a EU project funded under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) as a life science support action project which aimed to develop research management training for PhD students and early-career researchers. The overarching goal was to encourage demand for integrating research management training measures as an essential part of doctoral education by showing how this can be done in an effective pragmatic manner, without taking too much time away from research itself.

As a culmination of the project a conference to share experiences was held in December 2008. The conference “Today’s Research Training – does it meet tomorrow’s needs?” provided a forum to

  • disucss the concept of the knowledge triangle of education – research – innovation to develop novel approaches towards doctoral education

  • examine the role that complementary skills training plays in enhancing the flexibility, open-mindedness and employability of young PhD graduates

  • exchange best practice and develop new strategies for taking up complementary skills training as an integral part of doctoral education

Representatives of academia, business, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders, all of whom have an interest in improving PhD education in Europe, participated. The presentations and profiles of speakers are available here.