Module Content

Module I – Contexts of modern research and careers in bioscience

How can I perform successfully in different research environments and enhance my employability?

  • Varying roles of the researcher in the knowledge-based economy
  • Identifying key transferable skills and knowledge beyond the scientific field
  • Identifying my own personal situation and career goals

Module II – Managing interdisciplinary research projects

What does it mean to work on collaborative research projects with diverse organisations and goals?

  • Understanding the different perspectives of project partners
  • Key challenges in managing collaborative projects

Module III – Invention, innovation and the law

How can I exploit the results of my research?

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) definition and policies, publishing versus patenting
  • Identifying my own IPR interests and those of my partners
  • Making use of a patent exploitation office

Module IV – Acquiring research grants in a European context

How and where can I apply for research funding in Europe?

  • Overview of funding systems in different EU countries
  • Grant funding processes
  • Building a consortium of project partners

Module V – Realising potential – exploiting research and technology

What is technology transfer and how can I use it to commercialise my research? 

  • What are the options?
  • Entrepreneurial academics
  • Raising funds to commercialise research