Scientific research is at the heart of the European knowledge economy. We need researchers who understand how to manage and fund research, how to work effectively with industry, how to develop and manage their innovative ideas for maximum social and economic benefit.

ReMaT offers an intensive, two-day course in research management and science entrepreneurship to introduce PhD students to key strategic topics and transferable skills in research funding, management, knowledge transfer and value creation. The training provides an opportunity for European networking as well.

Courses are offered across Europe to the EC’s research establishments and universities on demand. Once a year we additionally offer an open course for individual participants in Hamburg. The intensive workshops have been designed to offer an introduction to research management through a series of interactive modules on complementary skills-based training. Staged over two days, the interactive workshops are open to PhD students from across Europe, and will provide an excellent networking opportunity in addition to the training programme itself.

The modules focus on a range of issues from knowledge creation in research based environments, to knowledge exploitation in commercial environments. Spanning a wide range of issues the modules are intended to provide an overview of key issues associated with the management of research projects needed to work in academia and industry. In addition to the modules, there will be an open forum with ‘enterprising academics’, who have worked in or with industry, and/or commercialised their own research, effectovely with the opportunity for participants to ask questions.

In short, ReMaT intends to provide a foundation complementary skills for managing research through informal interactive teaching in small groups. The objective is to introduce participants to research management, providing an overview of key issues relevant to PhD students and early career researchers.