What is ReMaT?

ReMaT represents a new programme of research management training for PhD students and early-career researchers. Developed with EU Framework 6 funding, the project aims to add value to existing doctoral training programmes across the European Higher Education Area. While the European Universities Association identifies structured doctoral degree programmes as the best way to educate students to meet the multiple challenges of the knowledge society, there is an increasing need for complementary research management skills training.

The ReMaT project is based on a study of doctoral training programmes from across Europe and focus groups with PhD students, to identify the strengths and weakness of existing training programmes. On the basis of this research the intensive two-day ReMaT workshop has been developed to strengthen existing training programmes, focusing on research and commercially based management skills training.

The dates and locations of the pilot workshops were:

Zagreb ( Croatia ) – 5 th / 6 th November 2007

Toulouse ( France ) – 5 th / 6 th February 2008

Budapest ( Hungary ) – 14 th / 15 th April 2008 

Stockholm ( Sweden ) – 9 th / 10th June 2008

  Hamburg (Germany) –  2nd/ 3rd December 2008


Having been conceived for the biosciences initially the training now addresses a broader range of scientists. 

The success of the ReMaT project and the two-day workshops depends on working with universities and departments across Europe and the willingness of faculty and students to participate. Building on the pilot, the intention is to develop ReMaT in association with universities so it can be integrated into existing doctoral training programmes to enhance complementary skills-based research management training in European universities.

ReMaT is offered as an in-house course, where we expect the host organisation to provide facilities for conducting the workshop. Costs for a whole course and/or seminar fees for PhD candidates depend on booking conditions. Participants are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation. Please contact us if you would like further information or a quote.

Institutions interested in hosting a ReMaT workshop are invited to email their interest.