14/11/2018 09:00 - 16:30

Addressing ‘Impact’ in Research Proposals

Increasingly research funders require careful presentation of the potential beneficial impacts of the proposed research project in order for a grant to be given. This is especially the case in the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020. For many researchers this poses something of a challenge as this means considering influences outside the domain of research.

This workshop will address this topic using examples from successful proposals, show strategies on how to approach this and tactics from a variety of project types, funding sources and stages of research maturity.

The workshop will follow the form of interactive presentations, group exercises and discussion. The approach will be flexible in order to address the concerns and interests of the participants who are encouraged to bring their own examples.

The language of presentations will be English.

Workshop target groups
Those intending to apply for funding of Research and Innovation/Innovation Action projects, and advisors. It is particularly suitable for those working at universities or in public research organisations. Participants with a social science and humanities background are very welcome.


  • Monica Schofield

    Tutech Innovation GmbH



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